CNBlue Opens Up About Love in “Love Is…” Teaser for “Can’t Stop”

2014-02-16 08:41:34 2014-02-16 08:41:34

Band CNBlue has released the first video teaser for their upcoming fifth mini album “Can’t Stop.” Titled “Love is…” the members of CNBlue talk about what love is to them.

Jung Yong Hwa says, “It is like chocolate, as bitter as much as you have when you break up.”

Lee Jong Hyun says, “A problem that can never be solved, isn’t it?”

Kang Min Hyuk says, “I think it is like the wind. You can’t see it, but like you can feel the it when it snows or rains, wouldn’t love be similar?”

Lee Jung Shin says, “Giving freely. Giving freely.”

What do you think love is?