Crayon Pop, EXO, and Zhang Li Yin Perform at Hunan TV’s “Lantern Festival”

2014-02-16 01:00:12 2014-02-16 01:00:12

Crayon Pop and EXO performed the Chinese versions of their hit singles at Hunan TV’s “Lantern Festival” music show. The show is a big event for the festive holiday in China. Enjoy the fun filled Chinese performances below. 

Watch Crayon Pop‘s epic performance of “Bar Bar Bar” in Chinese. The performance included a large number of back up dancers at the end. 

EXO’s Chen and Zhang Li Yin perform the Chinese version of “Breath” below. The two singers make a lovely duet, and they are part of the vocal group SM the Ballad.

EXO gives a nice talk to their Chinese fans and also perform the Chinese version of their hits “Growl” and “Wolf.” The Chinese version always has a different feel, and it is nice to listen to.