Go Ara and Jung Woo Continue to Show Their Affection Towards Each Other After Drama’s End

2014-02-16 04:42:13 2014-02-16 04:42:13
reply 1994

Reply 1994’s” main couple, Go Ara and Jung Woo, shared a warm embrace in a recent concert. The tvN drama held a special concert titled, “Reply 1994 Drama Concert” on February 15. During the concert, fans were able to watch special performances by the drama’s actors. As the drama utilized famous and nostalgic songs by past singers such as Blue, 015B, and Kim Jo Han, “Reply 1994’s” Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, and Do Hee showed their own renditions of some of the 90’s songs.

reply 1994 reply 1994

However, most notably, Go Ara and Jung Woo showed their affection towards each other by sharing a warm embrace causing fans to scream in excitement. Despite the drama having ended last year, the friendship remains between the actors. “Reply 1994 Drama Concert” welcomed a diverse group of audience ranging in ages from the 10s to 50s, depicting the popularity of the drama.

We hope to see this special cast remain close friends in the years to come!

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