Rocker Kim Bada Shows Powerful Guitar Skills in 3rd Teaser for “Moonage Dream”

2014-02-16 19:13:05 2014-02-16 19:13:05

Rocker Kim Bada has released the final teaser for his first full length album “Moonage Dream.”

In the teaser, Kim Bada takes us to the recording studio where he shows off his powerful guitar skills, creating excitement for his new album. Previously, we saw him as a boxer, exuding confidence and energy for his album promotions.

The singer released his solo mini album, “N.Surf Part 1” last year in April, but it will be his first solo full-length album! There are ten tracks to be featured on the album. 

Kim Bada is a veteran of the music industry with his career starting in 1995 with the rock band Sinawe. His upcoming album “Moonage Dream” will be in stores on February 19.