Sunmi Doesn’t Want the “Full Moon” to Wane in New MV

2014-02-16 08:25:38 2014-02-16 08:25:38

Sunmi has released the full music video for “Full Moon” from her new mini album. Sunmi’s “Full Moon” is the first collaborative work between Brave Sound and JYP

Sunmi also previously released her tracklist for her mini-album, revealing a star studded producer and featuring lineup such as Brave BrotherYoobin, and GOT7‘s Jackson.

Along with the music video, Sunmi also released a teaser image, which advises that Sunmi’s “Full Moon” is for mature audiences.

sunmi full moon teaser

The music video is visually stunning featuring Sunmi as a vampire. Watch until the end to see what happens to the victim of Sumni’s bite.