ZE:A’s Im Siwan Once Again Shows His Gentlemanly Manners on “Law of the Jungle”

2014-02-16 22:29:40 2014-02-16 22:29:40

Previously we reported on how ZE:A’s Im Siwan had shown his manners to the female member, Ye Ji Won, on SBS’ “Law of the Jungle.” Well, the manner wasn’t a onetime deal as the singer continued to show his protective side towards the actress.  On the February 14 episode of “Law of the Jungle,” the members had to experience 50 hours in the Jungle without their original leader, Kim Byung Man. As the other members grouped together to explore and hunt in the jungle, Im Siwan continued to stay by Ye Ji Won’s side.  Feeling bad for possibly burdening the singer, the actress said, “Siwan, if you want to follow the other hyungs (older males) to go ocean hunting, tell me whenever.”

law of the jungle

However, Im Siwan displayed his caring nature as he responded, “I like going out there, but I feel like if I go and come back, you won’t be here. I like being with you.” The response by the singer showed his bodyguard presence over Ye Ji Won. The actress expressed, “Although I look like a jokester, I don’t like giving other people burdens.”

Despite the actress initially feeling bad for possibly holding back the singer, Im Siwan’s protective nature conveyed his gentleman-like manners. “Law of the Jungle” is currently broadcasting the Micronesia editions.