C-Clown Opens Phone Line to Offer Advice and Comfort for School Bully Victims

2014-02-17 13:00:38 2014-02-17 13:00:38

Recently returned boy group C-Clown has set forth on offering advice to bully victims in school.

C-Clown recently came back with a new single titled “Justice.” The intro of “Justice” contains a phone number “010-8810-8615,” which is part of their new event that will try to help out students who are suffering because of school violence.

C-Clown will be taking in phone calls and messages from students who are bullying victims through that number and try to offer their advice and comfort.

C-Clown’s agency Yedang Entertainment sources commented, “We planned this event so it can help at least a little for school violence, which is becoming a big issue in our society today.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown is receiving a lot of attention for “Justice” due to its catchy tunes and choreography.

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