EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin Reflect on Their Trainee Days on “Determination: 10,000 Hours”

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EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin recently took us back to their trainee days. 

In February 16’s SBS special titled “Determination: 10,000 Hours,” Taemin said, “For a long time, Kai and I practiced together. As trainees, we didn’t want to lose to each other, so we kept practicing.” To this, Kai added, “I didn’t know much about the singing profession, and when I first came in, Taemin danced so well. So rather than competition, my first thought was that I needed to learn, and Taemin actually taught me a lot about dancing.”

On Taemin debuting first with SHINee, Kai said, “People asked me about it a lot, if I didn’t feel jealous or competitive about Taemin debuting first. I always replied that I’m still in the position of a student, and of course I couldn’t have debuted at that time.” He continued, “After his debut, Taemin came by one day when I was by myself in the studio. When he asked me what the choreography was that I was doing and then learned it from me, I felt really good. I was still a student, but now there was something that I could share [with Taemin], which meant that I had improved that much as a dancer, and that made me really happy.”

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