Kim Soo Hyun’s Fans Celebrate Actor’s Birthday through Large Donations to the Needy

2014-02-17 21:51:08 2014-02-17 21:51:08

Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s fans have shown another example of the changing culture of fandom in Korea. The actor’s fans recently celebrated his birthday by donating large amounts of supplies to those in need. On February 16, fans donated 4.22 tons of rice, 6220 coal heating blocks, 3200 diapers, and 1200 ramyun in Kim Soo Hyun’s name. That’s not all, as the actor’s fans also donated about 4694 USD to those in need. The reason behind such generous donations was that Kim Soo Hyun’s fans believed that although a gift specifically for the actor would have been nice, donating to those in need was a more meaningful way to celebrate the actor’s birthday.

Previously, Kim Soo Hyun’s fans had displayed their acts of kindness through donation events. During the press conference for the actor’s 2012 movie, “The Thieves,” fans donated 1.5 tons of rice, and for the press conference of the 2013 movie “Secretly and Greatly,” fans donated 4.22 tons of rice and 100 mango trees. Furthermore, back in December, fans donated 2 tons of rice and 6000 coal heating blocks to support Kim Soo Hyun and his SBS drama, “Man from the Stars.”

In response to the generous actions of fans, the actor’s agency, Keyeast, commented, “We are moved by the fans’ heartfelt presents. In order to repay fans, Kim Soo Hyun will work his best during the remainder of the filming for ‘Man from the Stars.’” Once again we are reminded by how the support of fans can come in all different forms.

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