Mr.Mr.’s Hon Denies All Rumors Regarding a Relationship with Transsexual Friend

2014-02-17 02:12:36 2014-02-17 06:36:47

Member Hon of male group Mr.Mr. had become the center of controversy after a post written by a transsexual, given the initial “A,” claimed a sexual relationship with the idol member. Mr.Mr.’s agency, Winning Insight M, released an official statement today denying all claims regarding Hon.

The agency wrote, “The writing of transgender ‘A’ that became an issue last week regarding Mr.Mr,’s Hon is untrue. After checking [with Hon], we have learned that Mr.Mr.’s Hon and ‘A’  were friends who counseled each other even before ‘A’ became a transsexual. It is untrue, however, that, as ‘A’ claims, their relationship was more than friendship, that they lived together, that Hon worked at a host bar through the introduction of ‘A,’ and that there is a video secretly filmed of their sexual relationship.”

The agency continued, “Hon is suffering due to the shock and pain received from someone he trusted. Currently, the agency and Hon are preparing to sue “A” for libel. We apologize for our delayed official statement on this matter.”

Last week on February 11, Hon’s name began to circulate as the idol member named in a post uploaded by a transgender female claiming that a current idol member had lived with her, worked in a host bar, and that a sex tape existed.

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