T-ara to Release New Song Under Composer Jo Young Soo

2014-02-17 21:04:42 2014-02-17 21:04:42
first love

Despite being busy with individual activities, T-ara members will come together to sing one of composer Jo Young Soo’s songs. After releasing “Day By Day,” it will be the first time in almost two years that T-ara collaborates with the composer. The ladies will be participating in the composer’s signature album titled, “All Star.”

Jo Young Soo’s agency revealed on February 18, “T-ara will be participating in Jo Young Soo’s first signature album of 2014, with the girls singing the song, ‘First Love.’ The song will be released on February 20, so please anticipate the new song.” The composer has collaborated with T-ara previously before, having composed the group’s debut song, “Lie,” as well as “I Go Crazy Because of You,” “Cry Cry,” and “DAY BY DAY.” Furthermore, Jo Young Soo had also participated in the project album, “Women’s Generation” and “Wonder Woman,” that featured T-ara, Seeya, and Davichi.

“First Love” will have a tango melody with a special sexy vibe that will help convey the song’s message of a woman’s inability to forget her painful first love. Check out T-ara’s and Jo Young Soo’s collaborative song when it is released on February 20.

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