“We Got Married” Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s Male/Female Role Reversal?

2014-02-17 00:19:04 2014-02-17 00:19:04
we got married

The man obsesses over small things, and the girl doesn’t know what to do when the guy acts cute. It’s as if the typical male and female roles have been reversed in the Wooyoung Park Se Young couple on “We Got Married,” bringing a new appeal to the couple.

On the February 15 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Jang Wooyoung and Park Se Young brainstormed ideas and started working on furniture for their new home.

On the episode, Wooyoung and Park Se Young were at dinner and Wooyoung wanted to know what his name was saved as on Park Se Young’s phone, so he called her. Looking at her phone lying face up on the table, he saw that he was saved as “Jang Wooyoung Yi.” (‘Yi’ is a common addition on the name of someone close, most of the time a friend or someone younger, and is usually said without the last name, i.e. ‘Wooyoung Yi.’) At this, Wooyoung pretended to be a little upset, saying, “What is ‘Jang Wooyoung Yi?’ Is it a four-character idiom? I saved your name as Se Young <3” But, in reality, he was happy because now he had something on Park Se Young, who had given him a hard time because he didn’t wear their couple bracelet. Later, in his interview, Wooyoung showed his embarrassment at having been glad that he found something to pick o nPark  Se Young about.

Later, the couple went to a furniture store, where they could make furniture themselves, and different from how he was at dinner, Wooyoung showed a much more masculine and protective side of himself. When Park Se Young nearly hurt herself with a power tool, Wooyoung said, worried, “Are you out of your mind?” and later, after getting over the surprise of his own reaction, asked if she was okay. Working on the sofa for their living room, Wooyoung told Park Se Young that, because of her cold and the sawdust and debris in the air, she should take it easy and not breathe through her mouth as much, which really impressed Park Se Young. She said in her interview that she really likes when guys seem quiet and like they’re not paying attention, but still show that they care and are thinking about her with passing comments. 

Park Se Young also showed off her own character. Realizing that Wooyoung’s hairstyle is always changing, she commented on it, and said that she liked the hairstyle that day the best. And she then asked if he noticed anything different about her. Completely taken aback, Wooyoung vaguely mumbled some answers, and somehow got it right, saying that she cut her hair and darkened the tone of her hair.

Moreover, Park  Se Young surprisingly couldn’t resist Wooyoung’s cuteness. The two were talking about how they might arrange pictures in their new home, and Wooyoung said he wanted to display the photos in a variety of manners, at which she told him to just pick one thing to do. Wooyoung then made a cute whiny sound, pouted his lips, and made puppy dog eyes. Park Se Young had no idea what to do, and immediately caved. She later revealed that she absolutely can’t refuse it when people act cute. 

It was like the two had reversed their male and female roles. But, it’s not a complete reversal. Park Se Young is outgoing and has the atmosphere of the older woman, but has a clumsy side, as well. Wooyoung acts really cute and tries hard to please Park Se Young, but, on the other hand, has a very tough and masculine side. 

In other news, Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon’s couple footage was cut from the episode due to the Sochi Winter Olympics, and Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi were shown on their vacation on Jeju Island in Korea.

we got married