JYJ’s Junsu and Jaejoong Show Their Cutest Expressions in the Snow

2014-02-18 11:16:11 2014-02-18 11:16:11

Junsu and Jaejoong of JYJ shared photos they took together on a snowy mountainside.

On February 17, Jaejoong put two photos on his official Twitter account and wrote, “Like a boy group that just debuted! Because we’re still bouncy (a slang term meaning still young or fresh).” On another tweet he wrote, “We’re trying really hard. Junsu looks the same as fourteen years ago. Bouncy.” 

In the photos Junsu and Jaejoong proudly hold up their victory hand signs, and even offer up a wink for the camera. Although these two are actually 29 years old (Korean age), they look youthful and spirited. It must be the cold mountain air. 


Jaejoong also shared a selca when he was on the mountain, as if to show he has nothing to hide underneath the mask.