Kim Bada Delivers Powerful “Moonage Dream” Album and MV

2014-02-18 19:42:32 2014-02-18 19:42:32

Rocker Kim Bada has finally released his first official solo album, “Moonage Dream” and music video!

Kim Bada is a veteran of the music industry with his career starting in 1988 in the band Psycho Cafe. The singer released his solo mini album, “N.Surf Part 1” last year in April, but “Moonage Dream” is his first solo full-length album! There are ten tracks in the album. 

With his powerful and clear voice, Kim Bada delivers the poetic lyrics featured in the album. Cha Il Hoon takes the guitar, Go Shin Jae is on the bass, Jung Dong Yoon is on the drums, and Yue is on the piano and synth.