Kim Hee Sun Talks about Her “Wonderful Days” Co-Stars Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon

2014-02-18 17:18:55 2014-02-18 17:18:55
"Wonderful Days" Lee Seo Jin, Kim Hee Sun and Ok Taecyeon

Actress Kim Hee Sun recently compared two of her “Wonderful Days” co-stars, Lee Seo Jin and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon.

She was speaking at the production press conference for her new KBS 2TV weekend drama “Wonderful Days” (“Very Good Days”) on February 18. Lee Seo Jin, Taecyeon, Ryu Seung Soo and Kim Ji Ho were also in attendance at the press conference.

Lee Seo Jin plays Kim Hee Sun’s first love, while Taecyeon and Kim Hee Sun will have a cat and dog relationship working at the same company. Kim Hee Sun said that “the personalities of these two are significantly different.”

“In the drama, Lee Seo Jin is chic and has no interest in the affairs of others, while Taecyeon’s character is nosy. My character and Taecyeon’s characters share a similarity in that we both lose our tempers easily, so we fight a lot.”

She revealed that there had been a scene in which their characters rolled around on the floor while fighting, and since Taecyeon is pretty strong, she still has residual scars from the filming session a few days ago.

“Wonderful Days” follows the story of a man, Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin), who overcomes poverty to become a successful prosecutor. He returns to his home town 15 years later and meets his family, and first love Cha Hae Won (Kim Hee Sun). Taecyeon plays Lee Seo Jin’s brother, Kang Dong Hee, who can’t control his temper and works at the same company as Cha Hae Won. It also stars Kim Ji Ho, Ryu Seung Soo, Kim Sang Ho, Jin Kyung and Yoon Yeo Jung.

The show premieres on February 22 at 7:55 PM KST on KBS2 TV, and will air on Saturdays and Sundays every week.