TVXQ’s Changmin: “I Would Date as Much as I Could if I Could Go Back to High School”

2014-02-18 03:47:59 2014-02-18 03:47:59

It has been 10 years since Changmin debuted through TVXQ, and throughout the years the singer has had time to reflect on his earlier years.

On February 18, the singer attended the press conference for Mnet’s four episode drama, “Mimi.” When asked the question of how similar his drama character was to his actual self, Changmin commented, “My character, Min Woo, and I are about 60% similar. Back in my school days, I didn’t really have any female friends. If I could go back to that time, although studying would be important, I would really have dated a lot more.” Despite laughing at his own words, the singer’s thoughts are understandable as Changmin debuted back when he was only 15 years old, causing him to miss experiencing a regular teenager’s life.

Mnet’s cable drama, “Mimi” is about a love story that transcends time. Changmin will act as the good looking webtoon author, Min Woo, while actress Moon Ga Young will play a high school student Mimi who only follows one boy. The drama is set to broadcast its first episode on February 21, at 11PM (KST).