KBS Clarifies Why It Banned Tae Jin Ah’s “La Song” But Not Rain’s

2014-02-19 22:37:50 2014-02-19 22:37:50
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KBS recently announced its results of current K-Pop music  that is has deemed unfit for broadcast. Among the seven songs, which included Ga In‘s “Fxxk U” and Swing‘s “I Will Survive 2,” Tae Ji Ah‘s remake of Rain‘s “La Song” was also banned. The song was banned for the use of specific brand names in the lyrics such as “Maserati” and “Ferrari.”

It was a curious decision by KBS since it did not ban Rain’s original “La Song,” but it banned Tae Jin Ah’s version, which has the same lyrics.  Rain released “La Song” in his latest album “Rain Effect,” and Tae Jin Ah released the remake of “La Song” in his “2014 Tae Jin Ah Dear I Like You!” album. 

Regarding this seemingly random decision to ban one version but not the other, KBS clarified, “When Rain sang “Maserati” and “Ferrari,” he pronounced it ‘Maserella’ and ‘Ferrella.’ When he submitted the song for review, the lyrics were written as  ‘Maserella’ and ‘Ferrella,’ and the song was judged appropriate [for broadcast]. Tae Jin Ah also sings the lyrics as ‘Maserella’ and ‘Ferrella,’ but the lyrics submitted for review was ‘Maserati’ and ‘Ferrari.” His song was deemed unfit for broadcast because of that part.”

Due to a technicality in spelling, Tae Jin Ah’s “La Song” won’t be heard on KBS, or at least until Tae Jin Ah resubmits the lyrics with changes. KBS stated, “Tae Jin Ah’s agency will be resubmitting the lyrics. We will be reviewing the song again next week, and it will able to pass the review.”


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