Park Hae Jin Emits Cool and Rebellious Charisma in “Nylon” Pictorial

2014-02-19 20:54:39 2014-02-19 20:54:39

Park Hae Jin has further spread the second male lead syndrome through his latest charismatic pictorial!

Park Hae Jin posed for the “Nylon” March issue and perfectly transformed into a rebel without a cause, bringing up images of the iconic James Dean.

The actor wowed fans with his modelesque porportions, chiseled good looks and charismatic look. He sports the trademark James Dean outfit with the leather jacket and torn jeans. In other cuts, Park Hae Jin mixes modern and vintage together by wearing items such as a polka dot shirt, a funky argyle sweater and a classic cardigan. His all-back hairdo and deep eyes further emphasize his look and this concept.

Park Hae Jin is widely receiving love for his Lee Hwi Kyung role in “Man from the Stars,” fighting for Chun Song Yi‘s (Jun Ji Yeon) affections and carefully treading around his evil brother Lee Jae Kyung (Shin Sung Rok).

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