Soyu and JungGiGo Respond to Rumors of Them Being Awkward Around Each Other

2014-02-19 16:25:42 2014-02-19 16:25:42
junggigo soyu

Have you noticed any awkwardness in the air between Soyu and JungGiGo? Because it seems there have been rumors claiming so floating around!

To clear up any misunderstandings, the two singers were guests on KBS2FM’s “Cho Jung Chi and Harim’s Two O’Clock” on February 19 and opened up about their friendly relationship.

Soyu begun by saying, “At first, we were awkward around each other,” and explained, “Now we have gotten closer. As we had not met before, it was awkward at first.” 

Hearing this, MC Harim said, “Our writer says that there is a rumor claiming you feel uncomfortable around each other,” but the project duo immediately assured that this is not the case, “We are close now.”

Soyu and JungGiGo are currently promoting their lovely and addictive “Some.”