Soyu x Junggigo Takes Home First Win with “Some” on “Show Champion”

2014-02-19 04:09:02 2014-02-19 04:44:53
soyu junggigo

After dominating the music charts for nearly two weeks, project duo Soyu x Junggigo has finally won their first trophy with “Some.”

This week on “Show Champion,” the duo performed their sweet and addictive “Some,” and was crowned this week winner at the end of the show. Second this week was last week’s winner B.A.P with “1004 (Angel).” 

Right after the show ended, both singers expressed their gratitude and happiness over the trophy on their Twitters.

Junggigo wrote, “‘Show Champion’ 1st! Everyone thank you ㅠㅜ Once again thank you everyone for loving Soyu x Junggigo’s ‘Some’ more than expected.” This is Junggigo’s first time receiving a music show award.

Soyu greeted fans through SISTAR‘s Twitter by saying, “Thank you so so much everyone who loves our song ‘Some’ ㅜㅜ Ah and also, all someboys and somegirls, hwaiting♡” 

Congratulations to Soyu x Junggigo!

Receiving the award