Taeyeon and YoonA Show Support for Seohyun’s Musical

2014-02-19 03:27:47 2014-02-23 01:03:13

Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon and YoonA showed support for youngest member Seohyun, who has been busy as a musical actress. 

On February 18, Taeyeon shared a photo on Instagram with the endearing caption, “I like Seohyun’s voice so much. We’re so proud of you, our youngest. Thank you for showing us a great performance, our baby.” 

In another Instagram photo, the girls playfully demonstrated the width of Seohyun’s sleeves by placing one arm through each one. In typical playful fashion, the three members showed once again how Girls’ Generation continues to support one another through their various projects and endeavors. 

In related news, Seohyun has been busy performing in the musical adaptation of “Moon Embracing the Sun” as the female lead!