TVXQ Wants to Set Example for Other Idols, Poses for @star1

2014-02-19 17:49:06 2014-02-19 17:49:06

TVXQ recently posed for the March edition of @Star1 and sat down for a heart-to-heart interview about their idol life.

Yunho started off with, “An idol has a short lifespan? I’ll prove that it’s not true.” He continued, “I want to communicate as an artist for a long time. As singers like us, who have been on the scene for ten years, should keep being active and become models for others.”

Changmin also added, “There are a lot of worries for idols having a short lifespan. I want to prove to the many people that there are cases that are not like that, especially in this fast-changing age.”

He continued, “Even if we’re not where are now, I hope to become a singer that others can look up to later on.”

Yunho also shared, “My goal is to have more detailed aspirations. My dream hasn’t changed since I was 19 years old. But I want to be more detailed.”

Changmin, who debuted at the age of 16, commented, “It still hasn’t hit me. I used to want to age quickly before but now it’s not like that.” He continued, “I don’t think I’ll try to act more serious now that I’m at a certain age.”

The full pictorial and interview for @Star1 will be released on February 21.

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