Sean and Jung Hye Young Donate Almost 100,000 USD 6 Years in a Row for Children

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They are known for both their celebrity status, as well as their giving hearts.

Married couple Sean and Jung Hye Young donates one hundred million won (about 93,300 USD) a year to Holt’s International Children’s Services .The couple’s amazing and beautiful donation began in 2009, when they decided to donate their CF model salary, which was on hundred million won, to Holt’s International Children’s Services. Ever since, the couple has donated the same amount every year. The “Dreams and Hope Support Fund” had been started back in 2009 through the couple’s donations, allowing for 100 children to receive dream scholarships towards their education. In all, Sean and Jung Hye Young have donated a total of six hundred million won (about 559,800   USD) over the last six years to the support fund.

 sean family

During the donation ceremony held on February 19, eight children who have received certificates for educational scholarships since 2009 was in attendance. Furthermore, middle school students Jun Chae Hyun and Jung Yeo Won, who have grown after receiving assistance through the support fund since 2009, read a letter showing their thankfulness towards the couple, representing the gratitude of the 100 children who were assisted through the donations.

sean kids

Sean and Jung Hye Young’s giving nature was not limited to educational scholarships. On February 4, Sean donated another one hundred million won to construct a children’s rehabilitation hospital. With four children, this celebrity couple seems to have enough room in their hearts for all the children of this world. We hope that this couple may continue being the amazing role model they are to those around them.

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