Why did Secret and MBLAQ Choose a Small Record Agency for their Japanese Activities?

2014-02-20 15:00:40 2014-02-20 14:33:43
ts entertainment

Recently, Secret and MBLAQ have re-started their Japanese promotional activities, and the agencies they’ve chosen to work with have been unexpected selections.

Secret released their Japanese single, “I Do I Do” on February 5, making a return to the Japanese music industry after two years. The girls returned through a new Japanese agency, Kiss Entertainment, for their Japanese music activities. However, Kiss Entertainment is a significantly smaller agency compared to the group’s previous Japanese management group. Back in August of 2011, Secret debuted in Japan through Sony Music Japan, but has since left, and joined Kiss Entertainment.

MBLAQ also made their comeback in Japan after three years, planning to release their fourth single on February 26. Similar to Secret, MBLAQ left Sony Music Japan and have partnered with Ivy Records for their Japanese activities. Back in 2011, MBLAQ had reached number 1 on the Oricon Charts through their debut single, proving the group’s popularity in Japan.

Then why have these two groups left their large Japanese music agency, and opted for smaller companies? Secret’s Korean agency, TS Entertainment, commented, “Secret wanted a smaller company that would focus only on them rather than a large management company that was busy with other artists.” Likewise, MBLAQ’s agency, J.Tune Camp also expressed, “For MBLAQ’s growth we wanted to work side by side with their Japanese agency, and we plan to slowly reach the top.”

The two groups’ decisions to go to smaller agencies, despite Secret’s and MBLAQ’s fame, show their desires to bring forth the best from their Japanese music activities. We hope that both Secret and MBLAQ may rise to the top through their Japanese music!