“Yery Band” Rocks Out in Gory Sword Fighting MV for Single “Romeo Mannequin”

2014-02-20 05:38:38 2014-02-20 05:38:38
yery band

Rock band “Yery Band” has released a gory sword fighting music video for their heavy metal rock song “Romeo Mannequin.” The single features a constant fast paced electronic guitar rift as the female lead sings with her unique voice.

The music video is rated 19+ and contains a bloody and violent story about a woman getting revenge on the men who beat her up. She arms herself with a sword and slices everything in her path to reach her boyfriend. Some of scenes show body parts getting chopped off and blood squirting out. Viewer discretion is advised.

Will she be able to survive the onslaught of attackers and save her boyfriend? Watch and find out below.

The rock group “Yery Band” leave out the gore and violence in their live performance of “Romeo Mannequin” in the video below.