G-Dragon Chosen as Cover Model for Global Lifestyle Magazine HYPEBEAST

2014-02-21 14:01:36 2014-02-21 14:01:36

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has landed on the cover of men’s lifestyle magazine HYPEBEAST.

YG Entertainment revealed on February 21, “HYPEBEAST has recognized G-Dragon as the representative icon of the synergy of music and fashion, and has thus been chosen as the cover model of the recently published first issue of 2014,” and continued, “He is also featured in the cover story, which includes a photo shoot and an interview highlighting G-Dragon’s music and fashion.” 

Titled “The Rhapsody Issue,” the latest issue of HYPEBEAST focused on the fusion of music and fashion. As G-Dragon is known for mixing these two elements in his work, the magazine explained the modern trend with some insight from the famous forerunner.

The magazine praised the artist, “G-Dragon’s rising influence is a good reflection of the state of modern mainstream culture. As a Korean popstar, he is the perfect example of showcasing the link between fashion and music. G-Dragon’s synergy between music and fashion, his interesting partnership with stylists, in-depth talk about his next moves and the future – these topics are covered.”

“Describing G-Dragon simply as an artist and a producer is an underestimation, as he has crossed the boundaries of music. He is also immersed in the extremely creative field of fashion design. Crossing the borders of K-Pop, he is sustaining elements of Korean culture through fashion and social media, and has entered the North American market and the world,” the magazine continued.

G-Dragon said during the interview, “Fashion has had a large influence on building my image. My fans and the public are showing much interest in my fashion and style. My goal is to focus a bit more on my music, so the fans can listen to the artistic parts of my music and understand them.”

HYPEBEAST retails for $12 and can be purchased online or at selected newsstands worldwide. Detailed information on the magazine can be found here!