SNL Korea Moves to an Earlier Saturday Time Slot

2014-02-21 01:31:32 2014-02-21 01:33:55

Late night comedy show, SNL Korea, has been around for a few years now. It was the go-to comedy show on Saturday night if you wanted your comedy to be extra provocative and different. Now all those viewers will get to see the show a bit earlier than before with tvN announcing that the new season will begin one hour earlier.

SNL Korea

According to a statement given to news media outlet OSEN, a tvN official has stated that the the new season of SNL Korea will now air at 9:50PM KST compared to the previous time slot of 11PM KST, a whole 1 hour and 10mins earlier.

In regards to this time slot change, the official noted that the “Due to the fact that the show is aired live, the staff are going to have a much busier time on Saturdays with the airing time being pushed forward by an hour.” They also stated that “Rehearsal times have already been reorganised and the outdoors recording for the first episode has already been completed (On February 20).” They finished off by saying that he hopes viewers will anticipate the new season of SNL Korea in its new time slot.

SNL Korea

The first episode of SNL Korea Season 5 is set to air on March 1, following the end of tvN’s “Lets Go Time Expeditions.” The earlier time slot means that the show now airs right after tvN’s currently popular drama “Emergency Couple.” The broadcaster is hoping that moving SNL Korea into this prime time slot will hopefully do wonders for both the show and the broadcaster.

We have previously reported that Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha will be joining SNL Korea season 5 as one of the new permanent crew members along with BTOB’s Seo Eun Kwang, Musical Actor Jung Sang Hoon along with Comedian Kim Doo Young. They will be replacing previous crew members Clara, Kim Won Hae and Lee Sang Hoon.

The first episode of the new season will also not have a unique main host. Instead the first episode will focus on the crew themselves. The first episode of SNL Korea Season 5 will air on Saturday March 1 at 9:50PM KST.