[Video] First Music Show Wins for Idol Groups

2014-02-21 03:25:12 2014-02-21 20:47:14

Winning a music program (Show Champion, Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music BankMBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo) is one of the major hurdles for a K-Pop group to get over on the path to becoming a top group. While popular acts make it look easy with their large fan bases, it is definitely a tough struggle for rookie groups to get enough attention.

If you aren’t familiar with how these shows go, the hosts announce the winner at the end of the show, selected by a scoring system which varies by program. The winners then give an acceptance speech and then a very playful encore stage of the song.

For most first time wins, following the initial shock of the announcement, idol members tend to cry out of happiness.

While it has been a year since we last covered this, several groups have had their first wins since then. The list begins with the more recent wins, then goes further back in time.