Kim Hyun Joong Displays Much Improved Acting in “Age of Feeling”

2014-02-22 13:49:18 2014-02-22 13:49:18
Age of Feeling

Kim Hyun Joong plays the character Shin Jung Tae, a man who lives a tragic fate and is forced to become a fighter in order to protect the ones he loves, in KBS 2TV’s “Age of Feeling.” He plays a character that requires him to display various expressions and action scenes.

Much expectation was geared towards Kim Hyun Joong especially after it was revealed that the production cost of the drama was as high as 1.5 billion won (approx. $14 million). However, despite the worries, Kim Hyun Joong is increasing the engagement of the viewers through the expressions in his eyes and fancy action scenes.

In the episode of “Age of Feeling,” which aired on February 20, Kim Hyun Joong shed tears while releasing his resentment towards his father (played by Choi Jae Sung).

He expressed the longing and the sadness of Shin Jung Tae towards his father while reciting his lines in tears. “Father. Do you have any good memories to take with you? If you don’t, take this one memory: there was never a moment when your son or your daughter has forgotten you… and that we love you. Please take this with you.”

In addition, Kim Hyun Joong’s efforts in his action scenes are also visible. The brilliant action scenes he has shown since the first episode of “Age of Feeling,” are capturing viewers.

After overcoming the controversy involving his acting skills, anticipation is growing towards actor Kim Hyun Joong and his future.