g.o.d. to Comeback Soon with Music Produced by Duble Sidekick

2014-02-23 18:44:57 2014-02-23 18:44:57

Male group g.o.d is planning to make a comeback with hit-making producers, Duble Sidekick! This will be g.o.d’s first comeback in the last 9 years since their seventh album, “Into the Sky.” 

Ever since last year, the group has been making progress on their music for their comeback. The group picked Duble Sidekick, a producing team comprised of members Park Jang Geun and Mikey (Chance from One Way), to lead the production of their music. Duble Sidekick also produced Girl’s Day’s “Something” that topped music charts. According to sources, one of the members of g.o.d is working in collaboration with Duble Sidekick for the composition of their music. The title track is said to be of the pop-dance genre and more for their “reunion than getting first place.” 

The date for g.o.d’s comeback is still being held tentative. 

One member’s representative told OSEN on February 24, “We got some tracks from Duble Sidekick and have been working on them. Since we haven’t started actually recording yet, it’ll be hard to make a comeback right away. Also, Yoon Kye Sang’s KBS drama, ‘The Full Sun’ has to wrap up first before we do that.”

In addition, g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang’s representative denied the possibility of the group making a comeback in march. Another representative added, “The five members haven’t changed their minds about reuniting. There is much discussion that is taking place.” 

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