Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.” Mini Album Leaked?

2014-02-23 04:42:01 2014-02-23 21:12:04

There seemed to have been some miscommunication with iTunes about Girls’ Generation‘s comeback delay, as the group’s “Mr.Mr.” mini album was made available for download for a brief opening today before it was made unavailable in the U.S. iTunes store and elsewhere.

girls' generation's mr mr

Fans can only continue to wait patiently for the official release of Girls’ Generation highly anticipated album. There are six tracks in “Mr.Mr.” mini album: “Goodbye,” “Europa,” “Wait a Minute,” “Back Hug,” “Soul,” and title track “Mr.Mr.” 

Meanwhile, the image teaser video for “Mr.Mr.” has gathered over 3.6 million views since its release on February 10, an amazing feat since it is only a teaser and not a full music video.


Girls’ Generation’s 4th Mini Album “Mr.Mr.” to be Released Today + Comeback Details