How Much Fun Can Rainbow’s Woori and Jisook Have with a Bag of Cereals?

2014-02-23 05:48:15 2014-02-23 05:48:15

On February 19, Rainbow’s official Youtube channel uploaded a funny clip of Woori and Jisook playing around in one of their agency’s office rooms. The clip, which is less than two minutes long, is filled from start to finish with the two girls playing around with a bag of cereal. What’s the goal? The goal was to try and throw cereal into each other’s mouth. At first, the clip shows Jisook attempting to toss a cereal into her mouth, resulting in a failure that created laughter after the cereal piece hit her front tooth. As the video progresses, Woori joins Jisook in trying to throw the cereal piece in to each other’s mouth. However, the fun escalates when Woori jokes around and chucks a cereal piece at Jisook’s face, causing laughter throughout the office as other staff and Rainbow members watch along. Sure enough, a fun war ensues, with Jisook and Woori trying to throw cereal at each other amid attempting to prank one another.

Check out the funny and sweet video below. What makes it more enjoyable is to know just how close these girls are in reality.