Minzy Brings Edge to Pink in 2NE1’s “Crush” Teaser

2014-02-23 23:50:09 2014-02-23 23:50:09

After releasing a teaser image for member Sandara Park just hours before, 2NE1 has released a teaser for member Minzy, who takes the color pink and makes in tough.

Sandara’s hair was electric blue, and Minzy turns her hair pink for 2NE1’s new album. She is behind a barbed wire fence, looking like she’s had enough of behind kept locked up. She channels fierce and tough for the album’s concept like Sandara Park did in her teaser.

minzy crush teaser image large

With Sandara blue, Minzy pink, it remains to be seen what color CL and Park Bom will come out with for their individual teasers.

2NE1’s second album “Crush” is due to be released online on February 26 at 12:00 AM KST (technically February 27), with the offline release date scheduled for March 7.