Swings Revs Up for Comeback with Teaser for New Title Track “Victorious 2”

2014-02-23 23:14:41 2014-02-23 23:14:41

Rapper Swings is returning with a new mini album, “Mood Swings II – Part 1. Major Depression,” and while the name of the album is foreboding, the title track hints at a triumphant comeback.

Swings has released the music video teaser for the title track, “Victorious 2,” which shows the rapper at a workshop. It looks like he is doing some hefty work on a big project, but it actually turns out to be a small toy car. It seems the full music video will be just as surprising as the upcoming album with all its mood swings.

Swings’ new mini-album “Mood Swings II – Part 1. Major Depression” was available for pre-sale starting on February 19, and the album itself will be released on February 26. You can check out a preview for his whole album here.