Actor Park Ki Woong to Enlist in May!

2014-02-24 21:22:08 2014-02-24 21:22:08

Actor Park Ki Woong will be departing us for 21 months as he serves his mandatory military service. On February 25, the actor’s agency commented to TV Report, “Park Ki Woong will enlist on May 8. After receiving his basic training, he will be a conscripted policeman. Before, there were talks that he would be joining the Seoul Police Promotional Unit, but that is not true. He will be an ordinary serviceman as he had applied to be a conscripted policeman. Before the cancellation of the celebrity military unit, Park Ki Woong had the intentions of being an average serviceman, and since he has the skills, the actor’s application was accepted.”

Previously, scandal within the military community regarding the special treatment of celebrities in the military caused the cancellation of the celebrity military unit. After wrapping up the last segments of filming for the upcoming movie, “Made in China,” Park Ki Woong plans to prepare for his enlistment.