Actor Yang Dong Geun Makes Rap Comeback with “JAJAJA” Feat. Dynamic Duo and Crush

2014-02-24 19:13:11 2014-02-24 19:13:11
yang dong geun ydg

Actor Yang Dong Geun made his comeback as a rapper under the name YDG. The hip hop rebel released the music video for the digital single titled “JAJAJA,” featuring Dynamic Duo and Crush. 

“JAJAJA” is Yang Dong Geun’s first comeback in a year and two months since his last single “Father,” and is his first single under the representation of Polaris Entertainment. The actor/rapper participated in every step of the process for “JAJAJA,” from production of the song to planning, as well as the concept and direction for the music video, so we will get a closer look into the rapper’s very own artistic vision.

An official at Polaris said, “Even during filming and his work as an actor, Yang Dong Geun worked on his music whenever he could. In 2014, he will continue with his activities as the rapper YDG, and return the fans’ love with some great new music.”