CNBlue Takes Legal Action Against Album Leaker

2014-02-24 10:58:05 2014-02-24 10:58:05

CNBlue has requested the help of officials to catch the person responsible for leaking their latest album.

The popular idol band made their comeback on February 24 with “Can’t Stop,” but unfortunately, the mini album could be found circling online since February 22. On the day of the official album release, the group filed an investigation request with the Gangnam Police Office.

According to a few sources in the entertainment industry, leaking has recently become a problem amongst new songs. As a victim, CNBlue has decided to take strong action against the issue by filing an official request for investigation.

As the online sales of K-Pop are high also outside Korea, leaking has unavoidable negative effects on many parties. CNBlue was supposed to release the album on February 24 and start their promotions even in the U.S. right after, but the anticipated effect might be lower than expected.

It will be interesting to see if this will start a chain of similar reactions. As not only tracks, but also other material such as concept photos and information have been leaked as of late, many are wondering if others will follow CNBlue’s initiative and take legal action.

On a brighter note, CNBlue has swept the music charts with “Can’t Stop” and will soon start promotions on music shows.