Fuse TV Praises Epik High as Driving Force of Growth of Korea’s Hip-Hop

2014-02-24 10:24:40 2014-02-24 10:24:40

American cable music channel Fuse TV recently gave high praise for Epik High, calling them the driving force of the growth of Korea’s hip-hop.

Fuse TV interviewed Epik High and wrote, “There is no hip hop act quite like Epik High. Made up of MCs Tablo and Mithra Jin alongside DJ Tukutz, the trio have been shaking up the K-pop industry for more than a decade. With a unique rap-rock sound, Epike High came about organically instead of being placed together by a record label, like most K-pop acts.”

Tablo shared that Epik High was not like other K-Pop musicians and that they started without a company or a manager. Fuse TV went on to praise the group for their immense success, despite their humble beginnings. Read the full Fuse TV interview here.

Meanwhile, Epik High is known to be working hard on their upcoming album. Tablo is also receiving a lot of love for spending quality time with his daughter Haru on the variety show, “Superman Returns.”