Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin’s “Wonderful Days” Off to a Successful Start with Ratings Over 30%

2014-02-24 07:33:53 2014-02-24 07:33:53
wonderful days

KBS2TV’s latest weekend drama “Wonderful Days” has quickly proven to be a hit.

According to ratings agency Nielsen Korea, the second episode that aired on February 23 at 8pm recoded viewer ratings of 30.3% (Seoul area). This is a 6.5% rise from the first episode, which attracted 23.8% of the viewers. 

“Wonderful Days” starring popular actress Kim Hee Sun is currently the leading weekend drama with a large margin, and is rapidly becoming one of 2014’s most viewed dramas, charming the viewers with its thrilling story and skillful acting.

Other dramas airing on the same day did not manage to record ratings as high. Left behind “Wonderful Days” were MBC’s “Golden Rainbow” (15.3%), SBS’ “The Woman Who Married Three Times” (14.9%), MBC’s “A Little Love Never Hurt” (14.4%), KBS1TV’s “Jung Do Jun” (14%), and SBS’ “Passionate Love” (7.8%).

Have you seen the drama yet? Or are you hooked already?