Seungri Asks G-Dragon Out and Gets Smacked Down!

2014-02-24 15:36:09 2014-02-24 15:36:09

Big Bang‘s maknae has recently gotten shut down by the leader. Oh no!

On February 24, Seungri posted a funny collage of photos of himself and G-Dragon. The caption reads, “Can u be my girlfriend?” and “No” in English, Korean and Japanese.

seungri gd 022414

In the photo, it shows G-Dragon pretending to slap Seungri on the face. Seungri’s realistic facial expression and the timing of the photo capture brought about many laughs from fans and netizens. These photos are assumed to be from a special skit put on by the two Big Bang members.

Seungri and G-Dragon’s playful sense of humor delighted fans as they made comments such as, “Both of you are so cute,” “Haha so funy,” “Are you putting on a skit?” “Feels like Seungri will always get rejected,” and more.

Meanwhile, Big Bang has recently commented that they’d like to release a new album in the summer.