SHINee and EXO Appointed as Honorary Ambassadors of Gangnam

2014-02-24 04:00:17 2014-02-24 04:56:37

Hallyu stars, SHINee and EXO have been appointed honorary ambassadors of Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Head Chief of Gangnam-gu, Shin Yeon Hee, announced on February 24, SHINee will be appointed to the post on February 26, and EXO will be appointed to the post on February 28.

Since 2012, Gangnam-gu is making efforts to promote tourism through building a tourism information center, and establishing a Gangnam city tour trolley bus system.

Through these efforts, 50.8% of foreign tourists, approximately 5.1 million people, who visited Seoul visited Gangnam-gu.

Through appointing representative Hallyu stars like SHINee and EXO, Gangnam-gu plans to attract even more foreign tourists. The goal is to reach 8 million tourists.

Gangnam-gu will be promoting with images of SHINee and EXO in airport terminals.

Head Chief Shin Yeon Hee stated, “With most entertainment companies concentrated in Gangnam-gu, SHINee and EXO will play a significant role in attracting more foreign tourists. We will continue to make efforts to make ‘Gangnam’ the frontrunner of Korea’s tourism.”