B1A4 Release Bonus Video for 2nd Album “Who Am I”

2014-02-25 09:28:14 2014-02-25 09:28:14
B1A4 "Who Am I"

B1A4 released their second full-length album “Who Am I” on January 13, featuring the title track “Lonely,” which had a cold and wintry themed music video.

On February 25, B1A4 released a bonus video featuring footage from their album jacket shoot via their official YouTube channel.

Set to the song “Love Then,” also off their second album, the video has a much brighter theme compared to their title track’s music video “Lonely.” Fans are taken behind the scenes of the album jacket shoot, and the video is a mix of the B1A4 members posing for the album jacket photos, along with scenes of them having fun with one another between shoots.

B1A4 styled their jacket photos as individual and group magazine covers, and released their album on January 13. The group wrapped up promotions for “Lonely” recently.