“Miss Granny” Faces Allegations of Plagiarism over OST

2014-02-25 18:26:31 2014-02-25 18:26:31
"Miss Granny" OST and the Peppertones

The movie “Miss Granny” is currently embroiled in a plagiarism controversy involving the song “Once More” off its OST. Actress Shim Eun Kyung provides the vocals on the track.

Suspicions have arisen over the similarity of “Once More” to the “Ready, Get, Set, Go,” off the Peppertones‘ first album “Colorful Express” in 2005. However, “Miss Granny” musical director Mowg stated on February 25 that the song is “clearly a created song,” and was not plagiarized.

Peppertones’ agency, Antenna Music, revealed their official stance, “We have shared our stance about the similarity of ‘Once More’ from the ‘Miss Granny’ OST to Peppertones’ ‘Ready, Get, Set Go’ with the song’s composers. We (Antenna Music) discussed the similar of the two songs’ genres, and have decided that the level of plagiarism is excessively high. We have decided that we will leave it to the courts to establish the rights and wrongs of the matter.”

Antenna Music emphasized that they would be taking firm action to prevent such incidents from recurring in the music industry.

Check out the comparison audio below to decide for yourself!