Nicole Works on Her Dance Moves with Choreographer Jermaine Browne

2014-02-25 22:23:26 2014-02-25 22:23:26

Video has been released on Youtube showing former Kara member Nicole Jung dancing along with choreographer Jermaine Browne to Usher’s hit single “Daddy’s Home.” Nicole looks strong and explosive in her dance routine and her toned abs are proof of her hard work ethic. The former Kara singer does a funky freestyle dance along with intricate choreography, and the video ends with Nicole laughing on the floor. 

The choreography was created by Jermaine Browne and Nicole performs the dance moves well. The choreography is fast paced and includes a lot of hip movement.

Nicole recently posted a picture of herself in New York on her Instagram. It seems the singer is doing well, and hopefully she will come back improved.