Swings Reigns “Victorious” for New Mini Album and MV + Loses 9kg

2014-02-25 19:07:49 2014-02-25 19:07:49

Rapper Swings is back with a new mini album, “Mood Swings II – Part 1. Major Depression“!

The title track of the album is “Victorious 2,” and it features singer-songwriter Gray. He also produced the track. Gray previously received recognition for producing rapper Gary‘s “Shower Later” track.

Swing’s agency, Brand New Music, commented, “Swings not worked on his rapping for the album, but also on the production, styling, artwork, and music video. 

You can check out Swing’s new mini-album, “Mood Swings II – Part 1. Major Depression,” here.

In addition, the agency announced that Swings lost 9kg in preparation for the album, in order to create a sharper image.

swings 9kg weight lost