Tiny-G’s Dohee Appears in Wedding Dress for Tae.1’s MV Teaser for “Break Away”

2014-02-25 16:00:26 2014-02-25 16:00:26

Ballad singer Tae.1 has released a teaser for his upcoming music video for his single “Break Away.” The teaser features Tiny-G‘s Dohee in a wedding dress as she sits next to a crying Tae.1. 

The teaser ends with a tear drop landing next to to Dohee’s bouquet of flowers. The song “Break Away” features an orchestra and an emotional performance from the singer. We also hear the sad lyrics, “Today, I finished a hurtful love.”

Fans will be waiting to see what kind of relationship Dohee and Tae.1 will have in the music video.

Tae.1’s newest mini album “Break Away” was released on February 25 and features five tracks and one instrumental. Here is the track list below.