Actress Choi Ji Woo Joins YG Entertainment

2014-02-26 04:17:29 2014-02-26 04:17:29
choi ji woo

On February 26, a representative of actress Choi Ji Woo stated, “Choi Ji Woo, who has been promoting under a one-man agency by herself, decided to join YG Entertainment. We are looking forward to expanding her career domestically and internationally.”

With signing Choi Ji Woo, YG Entertainment set foot as an agency with a solid pool of actors.

In addition to top idol stars, Big Bang and 2NE1, along with world star, PSY, YG Entertainment now has a strong lineup of Hallyu star actors with its newest additions, Cha Seung Won and Choi Ji Woo. The switch from a “singer specialty company” to a “multi-entertainment agency” has been made possible.

An industry insider commented on YG Entertainment saying, “It has a strong organized international system through its singers, and Choi Ji Woo, one of the original Hallyu stars, already has much experience overseas. It’s predicted that the team will build a win-win relationship to provide the best environment for both singers and actors.”

Meanwhile, Choi Ji Woo is taking a break after her latest role in the SBS drama, “Suspicious Housekeeper,” and is looking over various drama and films for her next project.