Girls’ Generation to Appear on “Radio Star” to Promote “Mr.Mr.”

2014-02-26 00:29:12 2014-02-26 00:29:12
girls' generation

Girls’ Generation has chosen the talk show “Radio Star” as their first entertainment show to promote their latest song, “Mr.Mr.

A representative for MBC told OSEN, “Girls’ Generation will film for ‘Radio Star’ today. Taeyeon, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and Tiffany will be the five guests.” 

There will be a great deal of anticipation for this program, especially since the members of Girls’ Generations have proven to be delightful and charming on variety shows. With the frank and honest theme of the show, hopefully the girls will reveal more about themselves and the group. 

It is also expected that the group will go on other shows to promote their song. 

Recently Girls’ Generation released “Mr.Mr.” on online stores, but the release date of the music video is not yet known. Unsurprisingly, the mini album achieved all-kill status quickly on music stores, and they were seen spraying graffiti on the SM building.