Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Jessica, and YoonA Go Clubbing Inside a Car “Now”

2014-02-26 23:48:42 2014-02-26 23:48:42

Hyoyeon is next a series of candid clips featuring the members of Girls’ Generation released by SM Entertainment on it official Youtube channel.

This clip, titled “Girls’ Generation Now_HyoYeon,” features members Hyoyeon, YoonA, and Jessica. They are captured inside their car with club music in the background. The girls slowly start moving to the music, eventually ending up bouncing up and down in their seats excitedly to the beat.

Previously, two clips featuring Jessica and Sunny were released, showing Girls’ Generation comfortable, natural, and in their home environment. You can view them here

What do you think- do you think these clips have something to do with the photo that circulated recently of the girls spraying graffiti on the wall with the camera filming them?


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