Nell’s “Four Times Around the Sun” MV Beautifully Interprets Heartbreak

2014-02-26 10:20:00 2014-02-26 10:20:00

Nell has finally released the music video for “Four Times Around the Sun” from their third and final installation of the “Gravity” series, “Newton’s Apple.”

The video beautifully interprets the heartache that comes with love. The song is about man who can’t forget his past lover, saying that “While the earth went four times around the sun, I longed for you and shed tears hundreds of times.

The soft instrumentation, Kim Jong Wan‘s sweet vocals and the artistic rendition of heartbreak in the music video gives off many powerful emotions, which is something Nell has always been good at.

“Newton’s Apple” has also been released online. Check out the video for “Four Times Around the Sun” below: